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In our last edition, the German government, with Chancellor Merkel at its helm, was not exactly treated very graciously because of a certain vacuum in creativity, but now the lady must be shown more appreciation and respect. It is most remarkable how much physical effort the German chancellor, together with the French President Hollande, has put towards paving a way for the military conflict, between the Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels, to take on a more diplomatic approach at reaching a peaceful conclusion. In less than a week, alongside the usual work load, there were visits with the Russian President in Moscow, attendance at the....

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Welcome to Oryx Stainless

Oryx Stainless, the international leading company in raw materials

Oryx Stainless is one of the leading companies trading in raw materials for the stainless steel production.
The core task of our business activities is the handling and processing of stainless steel scrap.

With Oryx Stainless at the top

With us you stay at the top level, be it as supplier or customer.
Oryx Stainless customers include the most renowned stainless steel producers; its procurement is from a broad range of national and international suppliers.

Oryx Stainless proves itself with the best contacts

We offer our business partners the ideal combination of various fortes: continuity, competence and individual support on the one hand, strength in balance sheets and international affairs on the other.
We stand at your side as a professional, innovative and far-sighted business partner.

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