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News - 12 Sep 13

Export restrictions for Europe is not an alternative

Stainless steel industry/ZEW study on raw material trade barriers

  • Europe must rely on the development of international trade agreements for the security of raw materials
  • China has the most extensive trade restrictions worlwide

As net importer of the main components of stainless steel, open markets are in Europe’s interest. Cutting off its own market through trade barriers with the objective of an increased supply security is....

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Just where exactly, is the economic advantage?

News - 12 Sep 13

The change in trend which had been seen at the start to mid August in the nickel market could not be upheld. The positive momentum created by globally improved economic data could not be taken advantage of. There was actually a downwards correction in the market again which saw prices just below the USD 15,000.00/mt level. Especially aggravating the situation were the deeper discussions taking place in the Federal Reserve Bank to make a start on withdrawing its expansive money policy measures. The result has seen an....


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Where have all the millions gone, long time passing?

News - 19 Aug 13

Prices Since the 8th July 2013 a change in trend in the course of nickel prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME) can be spoken about. Since this time, with just the odd price correction now and again, nickel prices have been basically in an upwards trend. After the relative low point of USD 13,300.00/mt, rates have been clearly moving up. At present, prices are about the same as for the 100 day average at around....

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Press Release

News - 16 Aug 13

Refinancing of the Revolving Borrowing Base Facility closed successfully in the amount of 100 million euros

KMR Stainless Holding B.V., which is among the world’s leading trading companies for raw materials used in the stainless steel industry under the brand Oryx Stainless, has successfully closed a Revolving Borrowing Base Credit Facility in the amount of 100 million euros. The facility was considerably oversubscribed. The syndicated credit agreement serves for the refinancing of an already existing Borrowing Base Facility, which is defined for.....

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This may mean something, but then again, not necessarily

News - 12 Jul 13


Prices for base metals, especially copper, but also aluminium and nickel, have remained under pressure for the past few weeks. Finally though, especially for copper and aluminium, a technical double bottom has been formed on the respective charts. This could speak for a sharp change in trend by the markets in their opinions of global economic expectations. Copper could recover to approach the psychological barrier of....

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