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Nice to see you again

News - 17 Jan 14

The export ban for unrefined nickel ore, which has just been imposed in Indonesia, cannot be ignored in any reports at the moment concerning the commodities which are necessary in stainless steel production. The export ban was even worth a mention in the national news broadcast of the German public television channel ARD. Reports about commodities do not normally have the attention of the wider news spectrum during its main transmission time, so this was quite something. Quite a few, or, to be more accurate, nearly all market observers have been taught a lesson here and have been proven incorrect in their predictions. They had been repeatedly saying that it would....

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Good news is bad news

News - 10 Dec 13

"Business as usual" could almost be said about the nickel market. If October was a month of price climbs, then November was one of tumbling falls. Towards month end even the lows seen in July this year were briefly touched at around the USD 13,300.00/mt level. But here the market is supported very well by the cost curve of production. At this level around 50% of nickel producers can not even recoup their cash effective costs in nickel production, without even mentioning full costs. For months now, nickel prices have been....

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,,If the public helps''

News - 18 Nov 13

If commodities have led a shadowed life in the past, then, since the turn of the century, they have progressed in a dynamic fashion to gain a more prominent place in public awareness. It could even be said that commodities have been accepted into society. In an exemplary way, politics and business in Europe are more actively involved in the availability of resources for industry. Until now in Germany, questions about natural resources, under the responsibility of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), were seen mainly from a geological viewpoint. This spectrum has, however, now been widened since....

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,,Man is a wolf to man''

News - 15 Oct 13

In all the market assessments of the oryx commodity review, nickel in scrap has never been valued as low as now, while the value of primary nickel (LME grade) dealt on the futures market of the London Metal Exchange (LME) is apparently still worth 100% of its market price. There may even be a possible surcharge imposed for physical delivery. Discounts at the time directly after the Lehman crash were not even higher than now. It is not just the ordinary person who can hardly understand this, since after nickel has gone through the smelting stage....

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Export restrictions for Europe is not an alternative

News - 12 Sep 13

Stainless steel industry/ZEW study on raw material trade barriers

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