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All old hat!?

News - 11 Dec 12

As year end approaches, the volume of nickel contracts dealt on the London Metal Exchange (LME) will decrease considerably. Market participants will have fulfilled the majority of their orders. Market turnover will become more active again after the 2nd week in January when everyone has returned from holiday. Even now, individual days have a volume with hardly any more than about 2,200 nickel futures. The weakest day in 2012 was the 28th May, with 861 contracts; the average in 2012 up to now was 3,089 contracts. As a comparison, the day with the most volume in 2012 was, so far,....

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Confidence building as the final saviour

News - 16 Nov 12

Not a lot has happened on the London nickel market over the last few weeks. After the strong correction bringing an abrupt end to the "Draghi-rally", prices have tended to move along sideways, averaging out at around USD 16,000.00/mt. Drops below this value were always met with a return move to the previous level. Breakouts on the upside could also not be held, so that price moves both up and down came back to the old value.This scenario is not really very surprising since....

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The day of truth

News - 19 Oct 12

After the nickel rally (brought about mainly for monetary reasons) had led to prices to reach a high of just over USD 18,920.00/mt at the beginning of October 2012, the market soon came back down to earth. The worsening growth prospects for the global economy caused a price correction of around 10%. The reduction in growth was also reflected in the forecasts of international and national institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund and the German government. Prices even.....

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Future availability of chrome and stainless steel scrap more critical than crude oil

News - 19 Sep 12

Stainless steel industry/TU Berlin study on raw material security 

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Bernanke lets the dollars rain down

News - 17 Sep 12

Nickel rates on the London Metal Exchange have shown a strong demonstration in an impressive change of trend in the last few weeks. The metal was being quoted at a low of USD 15,300.00/mt in the middle of August, yet at the moment nickel has the resistance level of USD 18,000.00/mt in its sights. This was initiated by the belief of market participants that prices around the USD 15,000.00/mt level, even with a weak stainless steel economy, are not really lasting due to the cost curve of nickel production. Furthermore,.....

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