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Finally taking a deep breath

News - 12 Mar 15

On the London Metal Exchange (LME), nickel prices have stalled and since the middle of February have been trading in a tight range of between USD 13,600.00/mt and USD 14,400.00/mt, without showing any clear signs of which direction to be taken. This price level for nickel means though that the supply of nickel pig iron (NPI) should become more limited. This would, in fact, be less due to the continuing usage of reserves of Indonesian nickel ore which are stocked up in Chinese warehouses, but more because prices have, in the meantime, clearly fallen below production costs for parts of NPI production. Production is evidently becoming....

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Off to your room

News - 16 Feb 15

In our last edition, the German government, with Chancellor Merkel at its helm, was not exactly treated very graciously because of a certain vacuum in creativity, but now the lady must be shown more appreciation and respect. It is most remarkable how much physical effort the German chancellor, together with the French President Hollande, has put towards paving a way for the military conflict, between the Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels, to take on a more diplomatic approach at reaching a peaceful conclusion. In less than a week, alongside the usual work load, there were visits with the Russian President in Moscow, attendance at the....

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Industrial metals between the fronts

News - 19 Jan 15

Even without much happening fundamentally during the holiday period, industrial metals, and this also includes nickel, have come under pressure by developments on other markets. Nickel's present price movement does not reflect the given facts, as it is being driven by the escalating monetary policy of central banks, the decisions of investors and by an economic battle for power in the oil market. Therefore, after the slight increase at the beginning of December, it has lost around 9% and is presently trading at about USD 14,500.00/mt, during one intraday trading just below the level of....

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"Commodities - Mother of all pork cycles"

News - 15 Dec 14

At the moment, the wind seems to have dropped out of the sails a little in the nickel market. After the upward movement to USD 17,200.00/mt from the low at the end of October of USD 14,700.00/mt, the market has been in a slightly correctional phase leading to a nickel price of around the USD 16,200.00/mt region. Nickel is presently trading again above the USD 16,700.00/mt on the London Metal Exchange (LME). This development is probably in part due to a certain pre-Christmas calm and the balance sheet date in the mind of many market participants, and also partly due to global economic data being....

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Hedge funds in a wait and see position

News - 17 Nov 14

At the moment, nickel on the London Metal Exchange (LME) is really testing market participants and market analysts. Everything may have looked fine at the start of the year, with fundamentals and price development following a communal logic, but, even though fundamentally nothing has really changed, the present price level has become most disturbing. It is quite true that the reach of nickel ore stocks, stored in China, has risen, contrary to what had been thought at the beginning of the year. This is a direct result of the Philippines increasing the export of nickel ores to China considerably. Even though, in general, the Philippine ores have....

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