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Hedge funds in a wait and see position

News - 17 Nov 14

At the moment, nickel on the London Metal Exchange (LME) is really testing market participants and market analysts. Everything may have looked fine at the start of the year, with fundamentals and price development following a communal logic, but, even though fundamentally nothing has really changed, the present price level has become most disturbing. It is quite true that the reach of nickel ore stocks, stored in China, has risen, contrary to what had been thought at the beginning of the year. This is a direct result of the Philippines increasing the export of nickel ores to China considerably. Even though, in general, the Philippine ores have....

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Macquarie: When equities sneeze, commodities catch a cold

News - 17 Oct 14

Nice new world: the yield on 10 year German government bonds is at 0.72%, the short term interbank interest rate is negative and inflation is only just above 0%. The crisis in the financial, banking and sovereign debt world, coupled with the cheap money issued by central banks, in the form of a "rescue package", have permanently changed the landscape of economies. Investors are desperately seeking better returns, or at least stable investments. For quite a while, this had been found in the stock market, but now the trend has changed. In the past weeks, share indices worldwide have plummeted. The German stock market index, (DAX)....

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Press Release

News - 25 Sep 14

Third largest stainless steel scrap trading organisation worldwide profits from higher nickel prices and increasing stainless steel production in Asia

During the first six months of the current financial year Oryx Stainless, the third largest stainless steel scrap trading company worldwide with headquarters in Mülheim an der Ruhr and Dordrecht/Netherlands, profited in a continuing strained market environment from higher nickel prices and above all increasing steel production in the Asian growth region. In consequence, turnover increased by around 25% to around EUR 350 million as compared with the same period in the previous year.

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Bolt of thunder from the Philippines

News - 15 Sep 14

Nickel prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME) consolidated in a sideways movement during large parts of July, finding good support in the market above USD 18,500.00/mt. The market had recently lost some of its momentum and this was not just because of a summer lull. It was, indeed, confirmed that Indonesia would maintain its ore export ban, but it would now appear that the supply deficit, as predicted by leading analysts, will not materialise until sometime in 2015. The basis for this is that the quality of data coming out of....

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„The Back Door“ – Monitoring

News - 18 Aug 14

The present market environment, not only for nickel, is characterised by an increasing risk aversion. Worsening geopolitical and other crises, as well as the uncertain outlook for the future development of the global economy, have caused growth expectations to fall. The sanctions on Russia resulting from the conflicts in the Ukraine, the attacks on the Gaza Strip, and last but not least, the renewed military intervention of the USA in Iraq, all weigh heavily on the spirits of investors and business. There has been no trace of a summer lull. The development of the German share index, the DAX, speaks for itself. In June, it was still on....

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