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Bolt of thunder from the Philippines

News - 15 Sep 14

Nickel prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME) consolidated in a sideways movement during large parts of July, finding good support in the market above USD 18,500.00/mt. The market had recently lost some of its momentum and this was not just because of a summer lull. It was, indeed, confirmed that Indonesia would maintain its ore export ban, but it would now appear that the supply deficit, as predicted by leading analysts, will not materialise until sometime in 2015. The basis for this is that the quality of data coming out of....

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„The Back Door“ – Monitoring

News - 18 Aug 14

The present market environment, not only for nickel, is characterised by an increasing risk aversion. Worsening geopolitical and other crises, as well as the uncertain outlook for the future development of the global economy, have caused growth expectations to fall. The sanctions on Russia resulting from the conflicts in the Ukraine, the attacks on the Gaza Strip, and last but not least, the renewed military intervention of the USA in Iraq, all weigh heavily on the spirits of investors and business. There has been no trace of a summer lull. The development of the German share index, the DAX, speaks for itself. In June, it was still on....

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Attraction is not just a given moment in time

News - 18 Jul 14

Even with the continuing high warehouse stocks, in July to date, nickel could maintain its levels on the London Metal Exchange (LME) of above USD 19,000.00/mt. Right at the moment though, because of the tragic crash of the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane in the Ukraine, and Israel's ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, risk aversion for investors has clearly increased once more. Now expectations about global economic growth are not as high as at the start of the year. This has had a negative influence on the nickel price and many other slightly more risky exchange traded products. Profit taking has led to lower prices. The 3 months future....

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"One man, two votes!''

News - 13 Jun 14

Recently, the trend in nickel has led to lighter prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME), which is not at all surprising considering the big correction, and the rebound which followed, on the nickel market mid May. At the moment, nickel is trading at USD 18,000.00/mt and shows good support. This support level has, however, already been tested, albeit just for a few minutes, when nickel dipped below this level to trade at USD 17,700.00/mt. As we now experience a phase of consolidation, the support and resistance points shown on the charts are quite far apart from one another, because of the previous....

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Nickel market - back to normal

News - 16 May 14

Our last edition discussed the nickel price as metaphorically going through the ceiling of the first floor. It can now be said that, since then, at least the second and third floors have been reached without much effort and frighteningly quickly. In other words, on the 12th and 13th May, 2014, the highs of USD 21,500.00/mt were reached. Compared to the average price of around USD 17,400.00/mt for the month of April, this is an increase of a phenomenal 23.5%. Compared to a nickel price of USD 13,200.00/mt at the start of the year, this is an even more staggering increase of....

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