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Consumers are the ones profiting

News - 16 Apr 13

During the past weeks, nickel quotes in London could not hold the levels of over USD 18,000.00/mt seen in the middle of February. Quite the opposite is the case, as the metal is presently trading around the 15,600.00/mt level, only slightly higher than the lows in August of last year. Some of the reasons for this price development have been the insecurity to do with the crisis in Cyprus - with special emphasis being put on the levies on larger bank accounts as being a confidence killer - , but more especially are....

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Press Release

News - 15 Mar 13


World's third largest stainless steel scrap trading company despite the weak stainless steel market in 2012

• Stainless steel scrap turnover better than the market
• Weaker nickel prices reduce the turnover figures
• New location in Asia started successfully
• Prospects: strengthening the market position in a growing market

Oryx Stainless, the world's third largest stainless steel scrap trading company, which is based in Mulheim an der Ruhr and Dordrecht/Netherlands, has, in the 2012 financial year, strengthened its market position....

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Nickel in excess, but not in abundance

News - 15 Mar 13

After a clear price correction starting in mid February, when nickel on the London Metal Exchange (LME) went from levels around USD 18,500.00/mt to briefly below USD 16,500.00/mt, rates are now again in a slight upwards trend. Nickel prices have once again been seen up to the USD 17,300.00/mt level. Not much can be said about the previous heavy downturn, but in view of its intensity, progression and timing, analysts have been....

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A price explosion looks different

News - 12 Feb 13

Nickel price movements on the London Metal Exchange (LME) can be considered as being quite constructive since our last report. Between the 28th January and 5th February 2013, prices rose from USD 17,350.00/mt to USD 18,760.00/mt at the high. They are now consolidating around USD 18,250.00/mt. After this speedy rise in prices, the consolidation phase has to now even out for.....

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Saving energy is certainly worthwhile

News - 18 Jan 13

Since the middle of November 2012, after a low of just under USD 16,000.00/mt, nickel prices rose quickly towards  USD 18,000.00/mt. But this level was not broken, and up to now prices have been in a sideways movement around USD 17,500.00/mt. There had been speculation about whether there would be a rally towards year end 2012, as there had been in numerous other years. At the end there was....

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