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Nickel in excess, but not in abundance

News - 15 Mar 13

After a clear price correction starting in mid February, when nickel on the London Metal Exchange (LME) went from levels around USD 18,500.00/mt to briefly below USD 16,500.00/mt, rates are now again in a slight upwards trend. Nickel prices have once again been seen up to the USD 17,300.00/mt level. Not much can be said about the previous heavy downturn, but in view of its intensity, progression and timing, analysts have been....

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A price explosion looks different

News - 12 Feb 13

Nickel price movements on the London Metal Exchange (LME) can be considered as being quite constructive since our last report. Between the 28th January and 5th February 2013, prices rose from USD 17,350.00/mt to USD 18,760.00/mt at the high. They are now consolidating around USD 18,250.00/mt. After this speedy rise in prices, the consolidation phase has to now even out for.....

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Saving energy is certainly worthwhile

News - 18 Jan 13

Since the middle of November 2012, after a low of just under USD 16,000.00/mt, nickel prices rose quickly towards  USD 18,000.00/mt. But this level was not broken, and up to now prices have been in a sideways movement around USD 17,500.00/mt. There had been speculation about whether there would be a rally towards year end 2012, as there had been in numerous other years. At the end there was....

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All old hat!?

News - 11 Dec 12

As year end approaches, the volume of nickel contracts dealt on the London Metal Exchange (LME) will decrease considerably. Market participants will have fulfilled the majority of their orders. Market turnover will become more active again after the 2nd week in January when everyone has returned from holiday. Even now, individual days have a volume with hardly any more than about 2,200 nickel futures. The weakest day in 2012 was the 28th May, with 861 contracts; the average in 2012 up to now was 3,089 contracts. As a comparison, the day with the most volume in 2012 was, so far,....

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Confidence building as the final saviour

News - 16 Nov 12

Not a lot has happened on the London nickel market over the last few weeks. After the strong correction bringing an abrupt end to the "Draghi-rally", prices have tended to move along sideways, averaging out at around USD 16,000.00/mt. Drops below this value were always met with a return move to the previous level. Breakouts on the upside could also not be held, so that price moves both up and down came back to the old value.This scenario is not really very surprising since....

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