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Let us call it coordination problems with dates

News - 18 Jun 13

Nickel has been trading consistently lower than the previous month's levels on the London Metal Exchange (LME). The support level of USD 14,000.00/mt has been tested over and over again, without yet being broken. Further considerable price corrections are not expected as already at these levels many nickel producers are making losses.For quite a few years now, the European commission has had the future of the steel industry in Europe on its agenda. In 1977, there was the Davignon Plan which was devised....

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Waiting for the next bubble

News - 16 May 13

Nickel, as quoted in London, is moving down and is following the general trend of the base metals. Prices at the moment are around the USD 15,000.00/mt level. Whilst nickel has gone through some big price corrections over the last two years, copper, on the other hand, albeit a metal also sensitive to economic change, has managed to stay more stable. At the start of 2011, 1 ton of nickel still cost USD 29,000.00 while the price of copper since 2011 has been consistently higher than....

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Consumers are the ones profiting

News - 16 Apr 13

During the past weeks, nickel quotes in London could not hold the levels of over USD 18,000.00/mt seen in the middle of February. Quite the opposite is the case, as the metal is presently trading around the 15,600.00/mt level, only slightly higher than the lows in August of last year. Some of the reasons for this price development have been the insecurity to do with the crisis in Cyprus - with special emphasis being put on the levies on larger bank accounts as being a confidence killer - , but more especially are....

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Press Release

News - 15 Mar 13


World's third largest stainless steel scrap trading company despite the weak stainless steel market in 2012

• Stainless steel scrap turnover better than the market
• Weaker nickel prices reduce the turnover figures
• New location in Asia started successfully
• Prospects: strengthening the market position in a growing market

Oryx Stainless, the world's third largest stainless steel scrap trading company, which is based in Mulheim an der Ruhr and Dordrecht/Netherlands, has, in the 2012 financial year, strengthened its market position....

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Nickel in excess, but not in abundance

News - 15 Mar 13

After a clear price correction starting in mid February, when nickel on the London Metal Exchange (LME) went from levels around USD 18,500.00/mt to briefly below USD 16,500.00/mt, rates are now again in a slight upwards trend. Nickel prices have once again been seen up to the USD 17,300.00/mt level. Not much can be said about the previous heavy downturn, but in view of its intensity, progression and timing, analysts have been....

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