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News - 01 Sep 15

KMR Stainless changes brand name to Oryx Stainless

  • Third largest stainless steel scrap trading organisation worldwide to implement single-brand strategy by 1 September 2015

As already announced in spring and as part of its global single-brand strategy, the Oryx Stainless Group changed the brand names of its companies that were still operating under the KMR Stainless brand to Oryx Stainless on 1 September 2015. The old “KMR Stainless” name, which had been introduced in 1997 and still contained components of the then owner's name, was still being used by the holding and the....

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Press Release

News - 27 Jul 15

Oryx Stainless Group secures a 100 million Euro credit facility - HSBC sole bookrunner

Oryx Stainless Group, under the umbrella of KMR Stainless Holding B.V., has successfully finalised a 100 million Euro syndicated revolving borrowing base credit facility. Oryx Stainless is prematurely replacing a credit facility of the same amount which was to mature in September 2016. The funds are to finance inventories, receivables and other current assets in domestic and foreign locations. A total of six banks comprise the credit agreement....

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Press Release

News - 27 May 15

Third largest stainless steel scrap processing organisation worldwide extends its competitive position in 2014

  • Considerable turnover growth in spite of a strained market
  • Successful expansion with new locations in Asia
  • Targets for 2015: continued growth against the background of growing stainless steel production
  • Implementation of the single-brand strategy

Oryx Stainless, which is the third largest stainless steel scrap processing organisation worldwide, continued to grow stronger than the market in 2014 in spite of an environment that remains strained. Sales increased with considerably higher tonnages from....

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Press Release

News - 11 Apr 14

World's third largest stainless steel scrap trading company optimistic about 2014

  • 2013 one of the most complicated years for stainless steel producers in the history of stainless steel
  • Location in Asia: strategic importance and turnover continue to grow
  • Export ban in Indonesia changes the rules of the game
  • Prospect: Stainless steel will profit in 2014

Oryx Stainless, the world's third largest stainless steel scrap trading company, which is based in Mülheim an der Ruhr and Dordrecht/Netherlands, has, in the 2013 financial year, been able to maintain its global market position....

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Export restrictions for Europe is not an alternative

News - 12 Sep 13

Stainless steel industry/ZEW study on raw material trade barriers

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